Volunteers : we need you !

The local TV Canal C hosted Frédéric Laloux, the 2016 Europeade Commissioner-General. For the biggest folklore festival in Europe, many volunteers are needed !

Promoting the Europeade

Promoting the Europeade

NEW (Namur-Europe-Wallonie) is the not-for-profit organisation in charge of the territorial marketing for the city of Namur. During one monthly networking event, all relevant issues about the Europeade have been explained to its members. Then, LOC members answered questions asked by interested members.

NEW Réunion Mensuelle Novembre 2015_17

Promotion for Europeade

Promotion for Europeade

Promotional material on display during an event organized for the 55th anniversary of the Frairie Royale des Masuis et Cotelis Jambois.

festivites 55 ans Masuis

ICE delegation visits Namur

An ICE delegation paid a visit to Namur on 29 October 2915

On the agenda :

  •  a workshop during which the LOC structure has been presented, as well as the overall progress of the organisation,
  •  a visit to the Municipal College, during which the City reiterated its full commitment to make the 2016 edition a first class event,
  •  a visit to the venues and locations where the performances will be held, with a stop in front of the pavillon at the Square of Europe, fully branded with the Europeade colors

The ICE Delegation :

  • Armand DE WINTER, President
  • Mme Rita RYSSAERT, Treasurer
  • Roland DECORTE, Manager
  • Fernand CLEMENT, security officer
  • Mme Hilda RYSSAERT, secretary
  • Mlle Tineke MERTENS, assistant to the manager and secretary