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History of the event


Since its creation in Antwerp in 1964, the Europeade has grown to become the main event of popular culture in Europe. It is the expression of an act of faith in friendship and brotherhood among the peoples of Europe, founded on the idea of ‘unity in diversity ‘.

Scheduled over two days at the very beginning, the Organization has grown to currently offer five days of shows.

Fundamentally, every year, the Europeade is expressed in the annual gathering of 4,000 to 6,000 Europeans who get together, using art and popular traditions from their regions as the cement in this event.

The Organization of the event is in the hands of an International Committee, composed by members representing the various regions of Europe, which then gives mandate to an Executive Board.

For a better diffusion of the original idea, the Europeade is organized each year, in a different city. The practical organization on-site is entrusted to a Local Committee, which operates in collaboration with the International Committee and under its responsibility.
On average, 250 groups of folk music and folkdance from all parts of Europe, that is to say four to six thousand artists, take part to the Festival.

Europeade host cities through the years

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